Faculty Research Matrix

  Subdiscipline Area Sustainability


Water needs
Waste management,
and remediation
Bridges for
the future
Sustainable materials
Disaster resiliency
Developing world
geotechnical systems
transportation &
infrastructure systems
AllenHerb Allen
Herb Allen
  X           X Fate of metals in the environment              
Attoh-Okine Nii Attoh-Okine
Nii Attoh-Okine
      X X               X Content   X Resilience engineering (modeling and analysis); development of resilience indices for infrastructure systems
Cha Daniel Cha
Daniel Cha
  X         X Application of zero-valent iron for treatment of surface and ground water X Recovery of biopolymers and biodiesel from wastewater; novel technologies for wastewater treatment         X Low tech natural processes for wastewater treatment in developing contries    
Chajes Michael J. Chajes
Michael J. Chajes
          X       X Bridge health monitoring          
Chiu Pei Chiu
Pei Chiu
  X         X Zero-valent iron-based technologies for drinking water applications X Use of biochar and iron filings for agriculture and transportation applications X Use of biochar for reduction of GHG emissions            
Davidson Rachel A. Davidson
Rachel A. Davidson
        X X           X Impact of hurricanes, earthquakes, and fire on civil infrastructure; recovery X Content    
Dentel Steven K. Dentel
Steven K. Dentel
  X         X Development of appropriate technologies for water sustainability X Development of appropriate technologies for resource sustainability         X Application of sustainable technologies in developing countries    
DiToro Dominic M. DiToro
Dominic M. DiToro
  X         X Environmental quality of water resources; water quality and sediment quality criteria       X Environmentally benign materials        
Faghri Arde Faghri
Arde Faghri
      X X               X Transportation planning in developing countries   X Correlation between transportation infrastructure and human health
Gillespie John W. Gillespie, Jr.
John W. Gillespie, Jr.
          X         X Manufacture, design, and evaluation of novel composite materials for civil infrastructure, aerospace, automotive, and defense industries        
Grasso Domenico Grasso
Domenico Grasso
  X         X X         X    
Hsu Tian-Jian (Tom) Hsu
Tian-Jian (Tom) Hsu
X               X Morphodynamics at inlets and river mouth     X Tsunami impact on the built environment      
Huang C.P. Huang
C.P. Huang
  X         X X X   X        
Imhoff Paul Imhoff
Paul Imhoff
  X           X Reducing GHG emissions from landfills; using biochar to reduce nutrient missions from stormwater facilities X Using biochar to reduce GNG emissions   X Using yard waste as landfill cover to reduce GHG emissions        
Jayne Allen Jayne
Allen Jayne
          X         X Sustainable design and materials in civil construction   X Sustainable design and construction in developing countries    
Kaliakin Victor Kaliakin
Victor Kaliakin
    X               X Use of recycled tires in geotechnical systems     X Modeling geothermal systems  
Kirby James Kirby
James Kirby
X               X Modeling tools to support study of wetland response to sea level rise     X Assessing hazards to coastal communities resulting from tsunamis      
Kobayashi Noby Kobayashi
Noby Kobayashi
X               X Sea level rise and its effects on coastal infrastructure     X Coastal disasters (storm surge, tsunamis and long-term erosion)      
Lee Earl (Rusty) Lee
Earl (Rusty) Lee
      X X       X Effect of sea level rise on transportation infrastructure     X Regional infrastructure modeling for disaster resiliency      
Leshchinsky Dov Leshchinsky
Dov Leshchinsky
    X                     X Reinforced earth structures; design and performance of MSE walls  
ManahilohKalehiwot N. Manahiloh
Kalehiwot N. Manahiloh
    X                   X X X
Maresca Julia Anne Maresca
Julia Anne Maresca
  X         X Remediation of oil-contaminated wastewater       X Biodegradation of concrete and asphalt        
McConnell Jennifer R. McConnell
Jennifer R. McConnell
          X       X Quantification of bridge system behavior; effects of aging and corrosion on bridge performance X Reuse of structural steel X Structural response to blast and progressive collapase      
McNeil Sue McNeil
Sue McNeil
      X X       X Strategies for adaptation and management of civil infrastructure system impacted by climate change     X Impact of natural hazards on infrastructure performance     X Development and management of sustainable civil infrastructure systems
Meehan Christopher Meehan
Christopher Meehan
    X                 X Slickened sided soils   X Integration of geothermal heat pumps with foundation systems  
Mertz Dennis Mertz
Dennis Mertz
          X       X Designing for 100 year life; long-term bridge performance   X Performance of bridges in hurricanes      
Michael Holly Michael
Holly Michael
X X         X Groundwater resource sustainability in coastal zones related to salinization and estuarine ecosystems, and in South Asia related to arsenic contamination and monsoonal variation   X Processes of groundwater salinization due to sea-level rise and hydrologic shifts associated with climate change       X Content    
Nejad Mark Nejad
Mark Nejad
      X X       X     X     X
Puleo Jack Puleo
Jack Puleo
X               X Effect of tidal inundation on salt marches; coastal beach erosion            
Schumacher Thomas Schumacher
Thomas Schumacher
          X       X Non-destructive testing and monitoring technologies for prioritization of maintenance and repair of bridges X        
Shenton Harry (Tripp) Shenton, III
Harry (Tripp) Shenton, III
          X       X Bridge structural health monitoring; sensors and sensor systems; monitoring and evaluation of bridge performance X Development of all natural biobased composite materials        
Shi Fengyan Shi
Fengyan Shi
X           X Numerical model development for predicting surface waves, ocean/coastal circulations and sediment transport                
Zarembski Allan M. Zarembski
Allan M. Zarembski
      X X                   X Railroad engineering and safety

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