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2008 News Stories:
CEE Holds First Alumni Golf Outing
Some 60 alumni and friends of the UD Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering gathered at the Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club in Newark for the department's first annual golf outing.
UD Prof Leads Effort to Monitor Indian River Inlet
Jack Puleo, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is leading a DelDOT-funded project to conduct scour monitoring of the Indian River Inlet in Sussex County, Delaware.
CEE Faculty Participate in Engineering Program for Teachers
Three CEE professors are hosting high school math and science teachers in a unique summer immersion program called "Nature InSpired Engineering" (NISE). Pei Chiu, C.P. Huang, and Paul Imhoff are among the seven College of Engineering faculty participating in this summer’s program.
Shenton Appears on Sundance Channel
Tripp Shenton, Chair and Professor of Civil Engineering, was recently featured on a Sundance Channel "webisode" that highlighted the use of chicken feathers to make hurricane-resistant roof panels. The work was done jointly with Chemical Engineering Professor Richard Wool, whose ACRES research program focuses on affordable composites from renewable sources.
Dentel Wins Slocomb Award
The time, energy, and emotion that Dentel has put into EWB were recognized in May 2008, when he was selected to receive the Slocomb Excellence in Teaching Award from the College of Engineering. Dentel was cited for his "caring attitude toward students in the College and demonstration of an exemplary commitment to public service, community involvement, and innovative activity."
Huang and Myoda Win Horner Award for Paper Documenting Novel Water Treatment Method
Chin-Pao Huang, Donald C. Phillips Professor, and Samuel P. Myoda (PhDEnvE2001) have been selected by the Environmental Water Resources Institute (EWRI) to receive the 2008 Wesley W. Horner Award for their paper "Sonochemical Treatment of Wastewater Effluent for the Removal of Pathogenic Protozoa Exemplified by Cryptosporidium."
Civil Engineering Student Wins 2008 Laird Fellowship
Nicole Walsh, a first-year master's degree student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been selected to receive the 2008 George W. Laird Merit Fellowship. The objective of the fellowship is to "encourage the recipient to become engaged in a broadening intellectual pursuit which may or may not be of direct application to the recipient's chosen field of study."
Prof. C.P. Huang Wins UD's Francis Alison Award
Chin-Pao (C.P.) Huang, Donald C. Phillips Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been named the 2008 recipient of the Francis Alison Award, the University's highest faculty honor. Established by the Board of Trustees in 1978 to recognize the scholarship, professional achievements, and dedication of the UD faculty, the award consists of a $10,000 prize and confers membership in the Alison Society.
Study Abroad Program Offers Engineering Students a 'Double-Header' in Australia
Prof. Sue McNeil may be an Australian native, but that’s not why she took a group of students to Melbourne for a Study Abroad program over Winter Session 2008. “The city has a phenomenal network of trains, trams, and buses,” she says. Melbourne’s world-class public transportation system provided fertile ground for the civil engineering professor to teach CIEG351, Transportation Engineering, from a new perspective.
Ancient Greek Structures Provide an Education in Structural Integrity
For most American college students, monuments like the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, the Acropolis, and the Temple of Poseidon are the stuff of mythology and ancient history. But thanks to a new Study Abroad program, a group of engineering students at the University of Delaware had the chance not only to see these places but also to learn about their construction history and structural details.
Workshop at UD Addresses Sustainable Landfill Modeling
From March 16-19, 2008, the University of Delaware's Virden Center was the setting for an NSF Workshop on Models for Sustainable Landfills. Co-organized by UD-CEE Associate Professor Paul Imhoff with Shannon Bartelt-Hunt from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Mort Barlaz from North Carolina State University, the workshop brought together landfill researchers from around the world to identify research needs and discuss promising approaches.
UD team wins regional steel bridge competition
UD's steel bridge team came home last weekend from the Mid-Atlantic regional competition at Lafayette College with a first-place overall finish, as well as firsts in four of the six award categories. That performance qualified the team to participate in the national Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) at the University of Florida in Gainesville over Memorial Day weekend.
CEE Prof Researches Responses To Terrorist Attacks On Infrastructure
Researchers, including Earl “Rusty" Lee, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at UD, have been developing comprehensive response systems that can be activated by a geographic information system (GIS) display. These systems are designed for use by emergency managers and those responsible for assessing the vulnerability of infrastructure systems.
CEE-Affiliated Researcher Documents Link Between Freight Emissions and Health
An article co-authored by Prof. James Corbett had already caused quite a stir in the medical, marine, and environmental communities by the time it appeared in print. Published in the advance web-release section of Environmental Science and Technology (the journal of the American Chemical Society), the article, which appeared in print in ES&T's December 15, 2007, issue, documents the link between pollution from marine vessels and heart and lung disease.
UD drinking-water technology named one of year’s top advances
A technology developed by CEE's own Pei Chiu and UD researcher Yan Jin for safeguarding drinking water is among the top advances for 2007 highlighted by NASA Tech Briefs magazine in a review of the year's most innovative technologies.
Charles Thornton to Deliver Kerr Lecture
Charles H. Thornton, chairman of Charles H. Thornton and Company LLC, will deliver UD's third annual Arnold D. Kerr Lecture in Engineering Mechanics at 3:30 p.m., May 7, in the Trabant Center Multipurpose Room. The lecture, "Structural Engineering in the 21st Century," will be preceded by a reception at 3 p.m.

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