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Nii O. Attoh-Okine

Ph.D, University of Kansas


Office: 354 DuPont Hall
Phone: (302) 831-4532
Fax: 302) 831-3640
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Short Bio

KEY Research Interests:
Civil Infrastructure Systems;  Resilience Engineering ; Graphical Probability Models;
Belief Functions;   Hilbert-Huang Transform ;  Railway Tracks Analysis;
Image and Signal Processing ;  Theory of Pavement Design ;  Computational Intelligence.


1980-1986: Diplom Ingineur, Rostov Institute of Civil Engineering
1992: Ph.D, University of Kansas

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1. Norden, Huang and Attoh-Okine, N. O. (Editors). Hilbert-Huang Transform Applications in
Engineering. Publishers: Marcel Dekker, 2005, ISBN 0-8493-3422-5, 315 p.
2. Attoh-Okine, N. (Editor). Computational Intelligence Applications in Pavement and Geomech-
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2, 219p.
3. Attoh-Okine, N. O., “Pair-Copulas in Infrastructure Multivariate Dependence Modeling,”
Journal of Construction and Building Materials, (Accepted) 2013
4.  Sampson Asare., Adu-Gyamfi… Y.O., Attoh-Okine, N. (2013), “Freeway Incident Detection
Using Hilbert Huang Transform,” Journal of Transportation Research Board, (Accepted)
2012, Washington DC
5. Adu-Gyamfi…, Y., Carillo, R., Attoh-Okine, N. O. and Gonzales, A. “A Multi-Resolution In-
formation Mining for Pavement Crack Image Analysis,”ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil
Engineering, Vol 26, No.6, pp 741-749, 2012.
6. Bedeley, R., Attoh-Okine, N. O. and Lee, E. “Modeling Pedestrian Crossing Behavior using
Bayesian Network,”Institute of Civil of Engineers, Transport Journal (Accepted, 2012).
7. Mills L., Attoh-Okine N. and McNeil S. “Hierarchical Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation
for Modeling Transverse Cracks in Highway Pavements” ASCE Journal of Transportation
Engineering, Vol. 138. No. 6, pp, 2012.
8. Li, Q., Wang, K and Attoh-Okine, N. O. “Bayesian Based Linear Models for Pavement
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12. . Gopalakrishnan, K., Birgisson, B., Taylor, P. and Attoh-Okine, N.(Editors). Nanotechnol-
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13. Gopalakrishnan, K. and Attoh-Okine, N. (Editors). Intelligent and Soft Computing In In-
frastructure Engineering: Recent Advances, Springer Verlag, 2009, ISBN 978-3-642-04585-1,
New York.

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