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Steven K. Dentel

Ph.D, Cornell University


Office: 348 DuPont Hall
Phone: (302) 831-8120
Fax: (302) 831-3640
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Short Bio

Research Interests:
 Application of colloid and interface science to water and wastewater treatment processes


1984: Ph.D, Cornell University
1980: Master, Cornell University
1974: Bachleor, Brown University

Honors and Awards

Listed: Who's Who Environmental Registry; Who's Who in Science and Engineering; Who's Who in Environmental Engineering
Member, Chi Epsilon: National Civil Engineering Honorary
Member, Sigma Xi: National Scientific Research Honorary
Philip F. Morgan Medal: Water Environment Federation, 1997
Slocomb Excellence in Teaching Award: 2008

Select Publications

Dentel, SK; Dursun D (2009) Shear sensitivity of digested sludge: comparison of methods and application in
conditioning and dewatering. Water Research 43, in press.


Dursun D; Dentel, SK (2009) Toward the conceptual and quantitative understanding of biosolids conditioning: the gel
approach. Water Science and Technology 59(9), 1679-85 .


Qi, Y; Dentel, SK; Herson, DS (2008) Effect of total solids on fecal coliform regrowth in anaerobically digested
biosolids. Water Research 42 (14), 3817-3825 .


Saveyn, H; Hendrickx, P M S.; Dentel S K; Martins, J C; Van der Meeren, P (2008) Quantification of hydrolytic charge
loss of DMAEA-Q-based polyelectrolytes by proton NMR spectroscopy and implications for colloid titration. Water
Research 42(10-11), 2718-2728 .


Dentel S K; Qi Y; Herson D S (2008) Improving the assessment of risk from pathogens in biosolids: fecal coliform
regrowth, survival, enumeration, and assessment. Water Science and Technology 57(2), 189-193 .


Dursun D; Dentel S K (2007) The importance of structural and gel fractions in determining shear sensitivity of sludge.
Water Science and Technology 56(9), 75-86 .


Abu-Orf M., Junnier R., Mah J., Dentel S. (2007) Demonstration of combined dewatering and thermal vacuum drying
of municipal residuals. Journal of Residuals Science&Technology 4(1), 25-34 .


Qi Y N; Dentel S K; Herson D S. (2007) Increases in fecal coliform bacteria resulting from centrifugal dewatering of
digested biosolids. Water Research 41(3), 571-580 .


Dursun D; Turkmen M; Abu-Orf M; Dentel S K (2006) Enhanced sludge conditioning by enzyme pre-treatment:
comparison of laboratory and pilot scale dewatering results. Water Science and Technology 54(5), 33-41 .


Ayol A; Filibeli A; Dentel S K (2006) Evaluation of conditioning responses of thermophilicmesophilic anaerobically
and mesophilic aerobically digested biosolids using rheological properties. Water Science and Technology 54(5), 23-31 .


Ayol A; Dentel S K; Filibeli A (2006) Toward efficient sludge processing using novel rheological parameters: dynamic
rheological testing. Water Science and Technology 54(5), 17-22 .


Dentel, S.K., Ayol, A., and Fillibeli, A. (2005) Modern Rheometric Characterization of Sludges. Journal of Residuals
Science and Technology 2(4), 233-240 .


Chang, J.S., Abu-Orf, M.M., Dentel, S.K. (2005) Alkylamine Odors from Degradation of Flocculant Polymers in
Sludges. Water Research 39, 3369-3375 .


Turkmen, M., Dentel, S.K., Germain, A.M. (2005) Odor Characterization from Landfill Cover Material. Journal of
Solid Waste Technology and Management 31(1), 21-29 .


Ayol, A. and Dentel, S.K. (2005) Enzymatic treatment effects on dewaterability of anaerobically digested biosolids-II:
laboratory characterizations of drainability and filterability. Process Biochemistry 40(7), 2435-2442 (2005) .


Ayol, A., Dentel, S.K., and Filibeli, A. (2005) Dual polymer conditioning of water treatment residuals. Journal of
Environmental Engineering 131(8), 1132-1138 .


Ayol, A., Dentel, S.K., Filibeli, A. (2004) Use of drainability and filterability simulations for evaluation of oxidative treatment and polymer conditioning of sludge. Water Science and Technology 50(9), 9-16 .


Qi, Y.N., Gillow, S., Herson, D.S., Dentel, S.K. (2004) Reactivation and/ or growth of fecal coliform bacteria during
centrifugal dewatering of anaerobically digested biosolids. Water Science and Technology 50(9), 115-120 .


Dursun, D., Ayol, A., Dentel, S.K. (2004) Physical characteristics of a waste activated sludge: conditioning responses and correlations with a synthetic surrogate. Water Science and Technology 50(9), 129-136 .

Dentel, S.K., Strogen, B., Chiu, P. (2004) Direct generation of electricity from sludges and other liquid wastes. Water
Science and Technology 50(9), 161-168 .

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