Full-Time Faculty

Attoh-Okine, Nii O. okine@UDel.Edu 354 DuPont Hall
    Professor (302) 831-4532
Cha, Daniel K. cha@UDel.Edu 346A DuPont Hall
    Professor (302) 831-2435
Chajes, Michael J. chajes@UDel.Edu 358A DuPont Hall
    Professor (302) 831-6756
Chin, Yu-Ping yochin@UDel.Edu 348 DuPont Hall
    Professor 302-831-8120
Chiu, Pei C. pei@UDel.Edu 468 ISE Lab
    Professor (302) 831-3104
Davidson, Rachel A. rdavidso@UDel.Edu 360B DuPont Hall
    Professor; Associate Dean for Diversity (302) 831-4952
Di Toro, Dominic M. dditoro@UDel.Edu 356A DuPont Hall
    Edward C. Davis Professor; Director for the Center for the Study of Pollutants in the Environment (302) 831-4092
Faghri, Ardeshir faghri@UDel.Edu 360C DuPont Hall
    Professor (302) 831-2426
Gillespie Jr., John W. gillespi@UDel.Edu 201C Composites Manufacturing Lab
    Donald C. Phillips Professor (302) 831-8702
Grasso, Domenico dg@UDel.Edu
    Professor; joint appointment, Department of Energy and Environmental Policy
Hsu, Tian-Jian (Tom) thsu@UDel.Edu 205 Ocean Engineering Lab
    Professor (302) 831-4172
Huang, Chin-Pao (C.P.) huang@UDel.Edu 352A DuPont Hall
    Donald C. Philips Professor (302) 831-8428
Imhoff, Paul T. imhoff@UDel.Edu 344A DuPont Hall
    Professor (302) 831-0541
Jayne, Allen ajayne@UDel.Edu 307 DuPont Hall
    Assistant Professor (302) 831-7245
Kaliakin, Victor kaliakin@UDel.Edu 360F DuPont Hall
    Professor (302) 831-2409
Kirby, James kirby@UDel.Edu 201 Ocean Engineering Lab
    Edward C. Davis Professor (302) 831-2438
Kobayashi, Nobuhisa nk@UDel.Edu 207 Ocean Engineering Lab
    Professor (302) 831-8044
Lee II, Earl (Rusty) elee@UDel.Edu 308 DuPont Hall
    Assistant Professor / Director, T2 / LTAP Center (302) 831-6241
Manahiloh, Kalehiwot Nega knega@UDel.Edu 360G DuPont Hall
    Assistant Professor 302-831-2485
Maresca, Julia Anne jmaresca@UDel.Edu 344B DuPont Hall
    Associate Professor 302-831-4391
McConnell, Jennifer Righman righman@UDel.Edu 360H DuPont Hall
    Associate Professor (302) 831-6056
McNeil, Sue smcneil@UDel.Edu 301 DuPont Hall
    Professor and Chair (302) 831-2442
Meehan, Christopher L. cmeehan@UDel.Edu 355 DuPont Hall
    Associate Professor (302) 831-6074
Michael, Holly hmichael@UDel.Edu 101A Penny Hall
    Associate Professor, joint appointment, Department of Geological Sciences 302-831-4197
Mondal, Paramita mondal@UDel.Edu 360A DuPont Hall
    Associate Professor 302-831-4559
Nejad, Mark nejad@UDel.Edu 358B DuPont Hall
    Assistant Professor 302-831-2735
Puleo, Jack jpuleo@UDel.Edu 203 Ocean Engineering Lab
    Professor (302) 831-2440
Saxe, Jennie jpsaxe@UDel.Edu 343A DuPont Hall
    Assistant Professor 302-831-2446
Shenton III, Harry (Tripp) shenton@UDel.Edu 360E DuPont Hall
    Professor (302) 831-2447
Shi, Fengyan fyshi@UDel.Edu 205 Ocean Engineering Lab
    Associate Professor (302) 831-2449
Small, Edgar esmall@UDel.Edu 360D DuPont Hall
    Associate Professor 302-831-8459
Zarembski, Allan M. dramz@UDel.Edu 343B DuPont Hall
    Professor of Practice 302-831-7002

Affiliated Faculty

Badiey, Moshen     Marine and Earth Studies
Balascio, Carmine     Plant & Soil Sciences
Corbett, James     Marine and Earth Studies
Huq, Ikramul Pablo     Marine and Earth Studies
Inamdar, Shreeram     Plant & Soil Sciences
Kauffman, Gerald     Institute for Public Administration
Kirwan, Albert Dennis     Marine and Earth Studies
Loller, Glen     IT-Network & Systems Services
Luther, George     Marine and Earth Studies
Muenchow, Andreas     Marine and Earth Studies
Ritter, William     Entomology& Wildlife Ecology
Scarborough, James     Bioresources Engineering
Sparks, Donald     Plant & Soil Sciences
Trembanis, Arthur     Geological Sciences
Veron, Fabrice     Marine and Earth Studies
Wong, Kuo-Chuin     Marine and Earth Studies
Yan, Jin     Plant & Soil Sciences

Adjunct Faculty

Bhattacharya, Baidurya 360E DuPont Hall      Professor 91(3222)28-3422
MacMahan, Jamie     
Thornton, Charles     

Emeritus Faculty Directory

Allen, Herbert E. allen@UDel.Edu     Emeritus Professor
Brockenbrough, Thomas W.     
Dalrymple, Robert A.     
Harker, Patrick T     President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Leshchinsky, Dov dov@UDel.Edu     Professor Emeritus
Nicholls, Robert L.     
Stark, Robert M.     
Yang, Chen Yi     

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