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The University of Delaware Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers several exciting special educational opportunities.


The Honors Program is a 4-year University-wide program that offers enhanced educational opportunities for exceptional students. It is rigorous and rewarding, and designed for superior students who want an intense intellectual challenge and are prepared to invest the extra effort required to be successful in a demanding curriculum. For more information, see University Honors Program.


What better place to learn how structures carry loads than Greece, home of some of the oldest engineered structures in the world. Study abroad programs designed specifically for CEE students offer an opportunity to take required engineering courses while experiencing another culture. For more information, see Study Abroad.


Participating in a research project as an undergraduate is an exciting way to learn about and contribute to the cutting edge of civil engineering knowledge. For more information, see Undergraduate Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Gain valuable work experience during your studies at UD. For more information, see Co-op Program.


The summer and winter sessions are optional semesters, but they offer useful opportunities for students to undertake activities that otherwise would not fit into their schedules, such as taking extra courses, participating in study abroad, or working on a research project. For more information, see Special Sessions.


The First Year Experience is designed to provide first year students with essential strategies and information necessary for a successful first year. All freshmen students live together based on their major or area of academic interest. For more information, see FYE. The four types of FYE are:

Learning Integrated Freshman Experience (LIFE) is a program that integrates the residential and academic components of the FYE by providing LIFE freshmen a small learning community organized around several of their courses in which they co-enroll, an academic theme, and related out-of-class experiences. For more information, see LIFE.

First Year Semester (FYS) refers to special discipline-specific courses that introduce incoming majors to the expectations of an academic major or career. The FYE course for Civil and Environmental Engineering is Introduction to Engineering (EGGG 101). For more information, see EGGG 101.

Honors courses typically involve more work with primary documents and encourage more seminar-like discussion. The one course unique to the program, which is required of all first-year students, is the interdisciplinary Honors Colloquium, a broad interdisciplinary exposure to intellectual and cultural issues. For more information, see Honors program.

Pathways courses are thematic, integrative courses for first-year students designed to introduce them to the academic resources of the university and to teach basic intellectual skills required for a successful undergraduate experience.� For more Information, see Pathways.


ROTC programs are available for both the Air Force and Army at the University of Delaware. For more information, see Army ROTC or Air Force ROTC.


The distance learning program allows students to take advantage of the additional flexibility and convenience of taking some courses online. For more information, see Distance Education.

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