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Drop or add a course?
If the course cannot be dropped or added through WebReg, go to UDSIS and complete a Course Permit Form.

Get credit for a course taken at another university?
The Registrar�s office handles transfer credit for courses taken at other universities. Many courses from other universities are pre-approved. Other cases are handled on a course-by-course basis. For more information, see University Transfer Center.

Change or declare a major?
Go to UDSIS and complete a Change of Academic Program Plan webform.

Change or declare a minor?
Go to UDSIS and complete a Change of Academic Program Plan webform.

Change my advisor?
Confer with your new advisor, then notify Academic Advisor- TBA.

Get into a course I need for graduation?
If the course is a Civil and Environmental Engineeering Course, contact Academic Advisor- TBA. If the course is offered by another department (except Math), contact that department directly. For registration problems with a math course, see the Department of Mathematical Sciences Registration FAQs.

Become a registered engineer?
The first step is to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam during your senior year. Requirements for registration vary state by state. For more information see registering for the FE exam and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Apply to graduate school?
Confer with your advisor.

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