University Transportation Center:
esiliency of Transportation Corridors


Designated a Tier II University Transportation Center in 2006, the University of Delaware UTC is housed within the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and organized within the Delaware Center for Transportation (DCT). The theme of the Center is resiliency of transportation corridors. The overall goal of the center is to support research, education, and technology transfer that will improve our ability to plan, design, construct, manage, and maintain an advanced transportation infrastructure.

The Center draws on Delaware's strategic location in a region with all transportation modes that support economic development and improved quality of life and on corridors that are of national significance as a testbed for our work. The region is representative of many others with significant issues related to congestion, safety, aging infrastructure, and the competing demands of transporting individual travelers and freight while protecting the environment.

Focusing on highway, transit, and freight corridors, the UDUTC addresses problems of national importance as well as those that are specific to Delaware but have the potential for results that are transferable to other parts of the country. Advanced research focuses on the use of data to better understand and improve the resiliency of transportation corridors to both short- and long-term pressures and the development of tools to support the integrated management of corridors.

UDUTC Director
Sue McNeil, Ph.D.
V: 302-831-6578
F: 302-831-3640
UDUTC Admin. Assistant
Marikka Beach
V: 302-831-2442
F: 302-831-3640
DCT Director
Arde Faghri, Ph.D.
V: 302-831-2426
F: 302-831-3640
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