Center for the Study of Metals in the Environment (CSME)

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Delaware

Research Projects

Project Title
Metals Speciation and Transport in the Black River of Missouri's New Lead Belt
University of Missouri-Rolla C. D. Adams
Release of Metals from Particulate Matter University of Delaware H. E. Allen
Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships for Toxicity and Fate Parameters of Metal and Metal Compounds
Manhattan College J. F. Capitani
Metal Speciation in Watersheds University of Delaware T. M. Church
Developing a Unit World Model for Metals in Aquatic Environments University of Delaware D. M. Di Toro
Evaluation of Automobile Sources for Metals in Urban Areas University of Delaware P. T. Imhoff
A Test of the Biotic Ligand Model: Fish Exposed to Time-variable Concentrations of Cu and Zn
University of Wyoming J. S. Meyer
Ecotoxicology of Mining-Related Metal Oxides in a High-Gradient Mountain Stream
Colorado School of Mines P. Ross
The Impact of Surface Precipitation on Sequestration and Bioavailability of Metals in Soils
University of Delaware D. L. Sparks
Chemistry of Natural and Wastewater Organic Matter and Effects on Copper Toxicity (subcontract from HydroQual; funding from Water Environment Research Foundation) University of Delaware H. E. Allen
Development of a Quantitative Risk Assessment Framework for Copper (subcontract from HydroQual (funding from International Copper Association) University of Delaware H. E. Allen
The Role of Organic Matter and Metal Oxides in the Retention of Copper by Soil (International Copper Association) University of Delaware
Effect of Copper on Nitrifying and Heterotrophic Populations in Activated Sludge (European Copper Institute) University of Delaware D. Cha, and H. E. Allen
Effect of Aging of Copper in Soil on Bioavailability (International Copper Association) University of Delaware H. E. Allen
Release of Copper from Brake Linings (Copper Development Association) University of Delaware P. T. Imhoff, H. E. Allen, and S. K. Dentel
HEA - Effect of Aging of Nickel in Soil on Bioavailability, Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association University of Delaware H. E. Allen

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