Outcome 12: An ability to communicate effectively (oral)

Level 5 performance characterized by:

  • Plans and delivers an oral presentation effectively; applies the principle of "(tell them)3" --well organized
  • Presentation has enough detail appropriate and technical content for the time constraint and the audience
    Presents well mechanically
    • Makes eye contact
    • Can be easily heard
    • Speaks comfortably with minimal prompts (notecards)
    • Does not block screen
    • No distracting nervous habits
  • Uses proper American English
  • Uses visual aides effectively
  • Professional appearance
  • Listens carefully and responds to questions appropriately; is able to explain and interpret results for various audiences and purposes

Level 3 performance characterized by:

  • Presents key elements of an oral presentation adequately, but "tell them" not clearly applied
    Presentation contains excessive or insufficient detail for time allowed or level of audience
  • Has some minor difficulties with the mechanical aspects of the presentation
    • Eye contact is sporadic
    • Occasionally difficult to hear or understand speaking
    • Overuses prompts or does not use prompts enough-occasionally stumbles or loses place; appears to have memorized presentation
    • Occasionally blocks screen
    • Some nervous habits (um, ah, clicking pointer, etc.)
  • Occasionally uses an inappropriate style of English-too conversational
  • Visual aides have minor errors or are not always clearly visible
    Appearance is too casual for the circumstances
  • Sometimes misunderstands questions, does not respond appropriately to the audience, or has some trouble answering questions

Level 1 performance characterized by:

  • Talk is poorly organized, e.g. no clear introduction or summary of talk is presented
  • Presentation is inappropriately short or excessively long; omits key results during presentation
  • Major difficulties with the mechanical aspects of the presentation
    • No eye contact
    • Difficult to hear or understand speaking
    • Reads from prepared script
    • Blocks the screen
    • Distracting nervous habits (um, ah, clicking pointer, etc.)
  • Uses poor English
  • Multiple slides are unclear or incomprehensible
  • Does not listen carefully to questions, does not provide an appropriate answer, or is unable to answer questions about presentation material

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