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Summer Research: Civil and Environmental Engineering Well-Represented at the 2019 Undergraduate Research & Service Scholar 10th Annual Celebratory Symposium


  • Aidan Meese, Environmental Engineering, Advisors: Daniel Cha, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Characterizing Wasterwater from Two Munitions Manufacturing Plants and Exploring the Reduction of Insensitive Munitions Compounds Using Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron”
  • Robyn O’Halloran, Environmental Engineering (S&E) Yu-Ping Chin, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Attenuation of Tylosin by Iron Oxides”
  • Alexia Stock, Civil Engineering, Advisor: Rachel Davidson, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Influence of Prior Experience on Homeowner Retrofit DecisionMaking”
  • Katelyn Anderson, Environmental Engineering, Advisor: Dominic DiToro, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Predicting the Rates of Reduction for Nitroaromatic Compounds”
  • James Holyoke, Civil Engineering, Advisor: Tianjian Hsu, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Laboratory Investigation of Oil-Mineral Aggregation in Salt Water”
  • Eric Noe, Environmental Engineering, Advisor: Paul Imhoff, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Predicting the Effect of Biochar on the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Roadway Soils”
  • Reid Williams, Environmental Engineering, Advisor: Paul Imhoff, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “The Effect of Biochar Addition on Soil Aggregation and Infiltration Rate”
  • Jordan Heydt, Marine Science, Advisor: Julie Maresca, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Light Activated DNA Repair and Gene Cloning of the Actinobacteria Rhodoluna lacicola”
  • Hannah Tompkins, Applied Physics (Unidel) (Whitworth University), Advisor: Julia Maresca, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Concrete Biorepair: Ability of Bacteria Isolated from Concrete to Induce Carbonate Precipitation”


  • Benjamin Aghajanian, Environmental Engineering (CEI Summer Scholar), Advisor: Michael Chajes, Civil & Environmental Engineering, “Improving Society Through Cultivating Leaders in Sustainability”
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